Thursday, June 3, 2010

Using Neural Networks to Classify Music

From Technology Review published by MIT...

"New work from students at the University of Hong Kong describes a novel use of neural networks, collections of artificial neurons or nodes that can be trained to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, previously used only in image recognition. The students used a convolution network to "learn" features, such as tempo and harmony, from a database of songs that spread across 10 genres. The result was a set of trained neural networks that could correctly identify the genre of a song, which in computer science is considered a very hard problem, with greater than 87 percent accuracy. In March the group won an award for best paper at the International Multiconference of Engineers and Computer Scientists."

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  1. Years ago, one of the users of my EasyNN-plus software was using a neural network with his own music. His idea was to classify and compare his piano music with popular hits. The intention was to find ways for him to write hits!

  2. This is a very interesting application!


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